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Department of Corruption, Darren Rainey: The Untold Story
Harold Hempstead

Riveting story of the darkness and danger, the unspeakable acts perpetrated against the most vulnerable of humanity locked behind bars with lack of visibility at the hands of the prison guards, and sometimes enlisting the help of those incarcerated to prey on other weaker, often times mentally ill inmates for their own sick reasons. This book also goes into depth regarding the death of Darren Rainey, a mentally ill man who was serving a two-year sentence for a minor drug offense.  He had served four months of his sentence when he died as a result of prison guards placing him in a scalding hot shower for an extended period of time with no way of getting out. 


Used and Abused by the St. Petersburg Police Department
Harold Hempstead

Law enforcement agencies across the nation are employing juvenile confidential informants as young as eight years old. Many juvenile confidential informants are being physically, mentally, and sexually abused and even killed. When Harold Hempstead was thirteen years old he was recruited as a confidential informant by the St. Petersburg Police Department. In the years that followed, Harold was involved with dozens of undercover operations for multiple agencies in Florida. 

In this book, Harold explains why law enforcement agencies should not be allowed to use juveniles as confidential informants. Harold also details some of the serious acts of corruption and unlawful activities he witnessed as a confidential informant for the St. Petersburg Police Department.


Glen Reid

The gut-wrenching story of a young man who leaves all he has ever known to join the 101st Airborne Division right out of high school and eventually become a Special Forces Green Beret soldier.  When he returns, he tries to accept the norms of society and the spiritual beliefs that are mandated by society and thrown at him by the church. He’s been gone too long, seen too much, and done too much to fit in. He came away with his own philosophy - alcohol and sexual lust taking top billing. Sunday was his worst and most dreaded day. He yearns to be understood and let you form your own opinion about Sunday.


Eye of the Storm
Michael Lee Ford

A poem book of inspirational and encouraging, life changing poems such as you have never read before. Take this journey through this author's poetry of a different caliber. Look forward to and expect to experience truths that will stir your heart while traveling on this unique path. Your mind and emotions will be challenged by the way the author expresses himself in using the power of poetry. 

If you know of someone who is incarcerated or in a rehabilitation center, or just in a dark place in life, you might want to order this poem book for them. Because the book is sent directly to them from a publishing house, most facilities will accept the book.

Do you have a loved-one, friend, or someone you have spent time mentoring? This could be the perfect gift to give them the inspiration and motivation to try one more time, to make the right choices.


You Are Not Expendable
Dorothy Shaw

A book giving guidance of how to get from where you were and from where you are, to where you want to be. No matter what wrong you have done or what wrong has been done to you, or said to you to destroy and cripple you psychologically, you are not expendable to God. He has a plan for your life, and as long as you submit and work His plan, the plan will work for you. Don't forget, God's love is working on your behalf today. Are you ready for the change of your life?

Published Soon

Corruption in the Court
Harold Hempstead

This book is a true story documented by Harold Hempstead. These are his words:

I have been incarcerated since June of 2000. In 2018, I became a very happy man because I thought I had found a criminal defense attorney who I could trust, and who could help me. But as time passed, my opinion concerning my attorney started changing. I learned he publicly accused his assistant, who was assigned to work on my case and other clients’ cases, of being a convicted felon who was also a drug addicted violent thief and couldn’t be trusted. 

This along with my attorney publicly admitting he had several other people he alleged were drug addicted thieves living with him in his residence caused me great concern. It was all downhill from there. Over time, I was able to obtain a lot of information, documents, and recordings that concerned my attorney, his employees, the court, etc. This book is written as a warning, because I do not want to see anyone go through what I have gone through because I trusted that my attorney was working ethically on my behalf.


Constructed Destiny
Harold Hempstead and Dorothy Shaw

If you ever wanted to know how the life of Harold Hempstead began - this is a must read book. The stories divulge what he experienced as a child, adolescent, and young adult and will tell of how his life evolved into a life of sympathy for the vulnerable, the sick, the mentally ill, those who could not speak up for themselves or govern their own surroundings, and how he was handpicked to become a confidential informant in his young teen years.


Constructed Corruption
Harold Hempstead

As a follow up to Constructed Destiny, this book will reveal pertinent information and expose specific issues, names, and details which Harold Hempstead has deliberately left out of the first book for reasons which he cannot address at this time.


Constructed Solution
Harold Hempstead

The third book in the Trilogy addresses solutions against the worst of the problems in the Florida Department of Corrections. Who is better qualified than Harold Hempstead, who has experienced the wrongs, witnessed the wrongs, cared about the wrongs, tried to correct the wrongs, and fought for them to be corrected for others more than for himself, even at the peril of his own life?


How To Protect Your Children From Sexual Predators
Harold Hempstead

Prisons are full of inmates convicted of committing sexual acts against children. How are sexual predators getting their hands on children? What are sexual predators doing to children once they get access to them? How can parents and adults protect children from sexual predators?

Harold Hempstead and David Dalton have served more than thirty years in prison. They have been around and have known thousands of convicted sexual predators. They have also conducted interviews with hundreds of inmates including those who have been convicted of sexual crimes concerning how parents and adults can protect children from predators. This book answers the questions that parents wish they didn’t have to ask.


Kentucky Moon
Dorothy Shaw

A story of an Appalachian mountain family and the perils of running moonshine to eke out a living and the consequences that changed their lives, forcing the migration from their mountain home to the flat land of Florida and the challenges of starting over in a strange flat land. A story to make one laugh and say, “How wonderful,” a story to make one cry and say, “What a pity!” Life is one hard thing after another, and Love is two fool things after each other. How Wonderful! What a Pity! Does life ever come full circle? Read and find out.


Child of the Vineyard
Dorothy Shaw

The story of a Jewish family who escaped death and the ghetto of Poland. How they were smuggled via the French Underground to safety in the South of France - tending a vineyard, and a special little girl who was chosen by God to do the most important mission of her life in spite of danger, risks, and fear. The mission for such a young girl will shock you.

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